Cactus Rock New Media Ltd.

Content marketing is the discipline of creating and/or curating and distributing content in order to generate awareness, interest, purchasing intentions, bookings, sales or and/any other actions an organization wants from its target market or markets.


For more information contact E: Jaime Horwitz Rodriguez

Cactus Rock offers you content production and distribution services. Content can be in the form of photos, text, video and/or music written specifically for your campaign (instrumental or full songs with lyrics). We publish content to our blogs and Facebook pages. All commissioned content is available for your own digital "embassies" and will be further marketed to audiences via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email marketing list.

Cactus Rock specializes in tourism marketing for small businesses and destinations that don't have big marketing budgets. We target specific segments of the traveling public with a strong presence among Mexican, American and Canadian travelers.

Cactus Rock New Media Ltd. has been creating content since 1999 with a strong focus on tourism marketing.

How do we promote your tourism business or destination? Cactus Rock publishes content to its 3 main digital properties: Canadá en Español, Canadian and World Tourism, and De México a Canadá y el Mundo. Posts are then marketed to audiences on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

"Every woman needs a little black dress," goes the phrase attributed to Coco Channel. In content marketing, every brand needs video. Video has become ubiquitous in the digital world with most platforms offering some kind of video capability (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course YouTube). It used to be that one would produce a video, edit that video and then upload the video (to YouTube or Vimeo) for distribution. While this is still good practice for videos that require higher production values, the trend today is live video broadcasting. All businesses, especially those targeting the consumer or the traveler should come up with a video and live video strategy to stay competitive in the content marketing wars.